Did you dance to 2Unlimited at school discos? Collect Trolls? Believe adding “not” to the end of a sentence was the most devastating put-down imaginable? Then you, like us, must be a product of the eighties – struggling to make sense of the post-millenium decade where we are supposedly “grown-ups”.

Yes, growing up with Friends we believed life would be a hedonistic mix of coffee breaks, Manhattan apartments and indescript jobs at Ralph Lauren. Instead, we’re currently scrabbling around in low-paid internships, eating copious amounts of cake and trying to understand how life has got so bad 200 million people are now playing Farmville (yes, we checked the figures – it’s true). But fear not: this blog hopes to get us closer to living the Friends dream with relevant advice, news and the occasional rant. Our goal? To overtake the popularity of Farmville – if we can be more entertaining than virtual combine harvesters, then our life’s work is truly done.

Luxmy and Emma


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